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Surprise, Surprise!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Here is the 2nd script I finished this last week. For those who don’t me when it comes to comics I’m am largely a creator owned guy. I read an occasional Marvel/DC book but for the most part they don’t do it for me. I also think I am one of the few people trying to break into comics who has no real desire to write for the Big 2. Not to say I wouldn’t if it was the right opportunity or story, but that’s just not a major goal of mine. I’m more interested in telling my own stories. Right now doing a story with established characters makes sense to me if I can show them doing something different. That was the basis for a writing contest a few years back which led to my “Casey at the Bat” spin I posted last year.

The other morning when I was brushing my teeth I had an idea for what is essentially the punchline of a joke or running gag involving Spiderman. He has always been my favorite character since I was a kid so I guess it makes sense. I didn’t know if was actually funny, funny just to me, or just really stupid. So I ran the idea by a friend and he enjoyed it so I thought, why not write it down.

I am happy with the way both shorts turned out and I hope you get a kick out of reading them. It is a fun exercise to try to tell a complete story in 5 or 6 pages. I really wanted Spidey to be 5 pages but as I was writing I found that I really needed that extra page. I think in this case it helps make the story stronger.





Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’ve been trying to make an effort to get back into doing things of a creative nature despite how crazy the day job, life and family have been lately. I was reading some tweets from Cullen Bunn the other day about he broke into comics and they got me motivated to write, so I’ve been working on some short scripts more for fun and practice than anything else. Although I’d love to find an artist to bring these to life to add to my portfolio. In the meantime I though I’d post the scripts here in case anyone is interested in reading them. If any artists are interested in working on these, shoot me an email and we can talk.

The first script is a Western called “Forbidden Love”




Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Hey Everyone

So the blog has been a little light lately. The day job has been exhausting and I’ve been putting in long hours which gets in the way of anything creative. Also a few weeks ago I moved into a new house, so what free time I had was going into moving, painting, unpacking, blah blah. Again all things that took away time from being creative.

I’ve also suffered the age old writer problem of artists who get too busy to work on creator owned works. I was in the process of developing some projects with a few artists but their schedules have become too busy at the moment for them to focus on creator owned work. I am hoping we can still work on these down the road but for the time being, they are on hold.

One of my side projects,  my Marvel/DC take on “Casey at the Bat” is back on track. The 5 pages have been inked and now just waiting on colors. Once it’s completed I look forward to sharing the pages here.

So that’s about it for now. Talk to you all soon.