Cover Artist

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

After Hannah completed the pitch pages she’s been tied up with other work, so we’ve been looking for someone to do the pitch for the cover. Finally that search is over and we are happy to announce that Greig Rapson will be handling the cover. Greig is an amazing artist, Hannah and I have both been fans of his art for sometime now. Turns out Greig actually knew Hannah’s work and had seen the pitch pages before I got in touch with him. It’s awesome how small the world can be sometimes. See below for a couple of his awesome pieces and stay tuned for his cover. If you’d like to see more of his work check his blog HERE or you can follow him on twitter @greigrapson


Pitch Progress

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Thomas finished the first round of lettering for the pitch pages and they turned out great. We still have some minor tweaking to do, but the pitch is getting closer to being finished. Very excited by how this is all turning out. Hannah, Thomas and I are all really committed to making this pitch the absolute best it can be, so we are really making sure every detail is correct. For example one thing we’ve been trying to decide is the look of the bubbles. Thomas has done them two ways WITH an outline or WITHOUT an outline. I’ve shared these pages with some friends and it’s been a pretty even split between which way people prefer. I guess it’s really all about personal preference.

Feel free to way in with your thoughts.

writejessewrite at gmail dot com



Riley Rossmo

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I only started reading comics a few years ago but one of the things that made me fall in love with them is how amazing the people are who are involved in comics. Shop owners, fans, creators, just about everyone I’ve ever met has always been so nice and welcoming to new people and so easy to talk to.

One of these examples is one of my favorite artists, a man named Riley Rossmo. Riley has drawn a lot of books for Image that I really love. Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Green Wake and his latest effort which comes out in March, Rebel Blood. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Riley over twitter for the last year or so and he’s always been such a nice guy, actually responds to messages (some creators don’t) and has been very encouraging and positive when I’ve shown him stuff from the pitch Hannah and I are working on. It’s awesome to have someone you totally respect as a creator dig on something you’re working on. I had seen a tweet where he said he loved dragons or medieval kind of stuff and told him the door was always open to him doing a cover or pinup or something for our book if he was so inclined. I knew he was swamped with a lot of projects so I figured he wouldn’t have the time.

However, this morning I got the most amazing email in my inbox. A beautiful dragon design from Mr. Rossmo. Feast your eyes on it’s goodness below! To see more of Riley’s books, check out his website or follow him on Twitter: @rileyrossmo1

And please do yourself a favor, if you haven’t read Green Wake, check out the trades. The final issue of the series comes out soon so you can catch up with the trades. It’s an amazing book. Also, his new series Rebel Blood comes out in March. For now I believe it is a 4 issue mini-series (I could be wrong and apologize if I am) but I’ve read the first issue and it’s great!

Have a great weekend!


Pitch Pages Finished

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Hey Everyone

Sorry the posts have been few and far between. The day job has been killing me and I am sure Hannah as well. However we’ve been plugging away on the pitch pages for the dragon story and I am happy to say that the 10 preview pages have been completed by Hannah. She did a great job with them.

Thomas Mauer, our fantastic book designer and letter guru is working on the letters now. So we are getting that much closer to this pitch being wrapped up and ready to go off to publishers.

I don’t want to share too much yet until we have the project a little more final but I will share more as we get closer. I don’t really believe that everything has to be so secret. In the meantime check out the final splash page to our pitch and the first chapter of the book. This is one of my favorite pages. Enjoy!


Gia’s Book is Finished!

Friday, January 27th, 2012

So excited that Gia’s book is finished. Mike Roll killed the book, knocked it so far out of the park I can’t believe it. This turned out so much better than I could ever have hoped for. Everyone loved it when I gave it to her for her first birthday on Jan 13th. She doesn’t understand the book yet, but I know she’ll appreciate it as she gets older. A big thanks to Jason and John for doing some pinups for the book, they turned out great.

Check out the final book below.



P.S. – I know there is one small typo which I will have fixed.

Love Getting Art In My Email!

Friday, December 9th, 2011

If any writers happen to swing by here, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say there’s not much better than getting new art pages in your inbox. It’s one of the most exciting things about the process of creating comics. I love the process of bouncing off ideas, brainstorming, writing, but that moment when you see that page and your idea has come to life, wow there just are no words for it. I feel like a kid on Christmas everytime. It never gets old. I can only imagine how awesome it must be to be one of these huge creators working on multiple projects who is always getting pages in.

This week I got an amazing Page 8 (of our 10 page pitch) from Hannah. She is doing a great job and we are getting that much closer to the end. I am very excited for Page 10, it will be a beautiful splash page and the one I’ve been most excited to see since we started this. Then Thomas will begin lettering and designing the pitch.

I also got a pinup from my good friend Jason Gurley for the book I am doing for Gia’s birthday. It’s a really cool image of Gia in her Bear costume floating over some trees, hanging on to some balloons. I’ll post it soon enough. Also for Gia’s book, artist Mike Roll sent over some rough sketches of a handful of pages and they look awesome. I am so excited to see this come to life and I know this is going to be a special thing for my daughter. Once we get some more pages completed I’ll put some more art up here.

I’ve also started working on a potential new pitch with a new artist. We are taking an old idea from the Saint James days and going to try and re-work it a bit. Waiting for character designs to make sure the artist is the right fit and then we’ll go from there.

If there are any artists dropping by, I am always interested in working with new people. I have a few ideas that need artists but I also really loving brainstorming and coming up with ideas, so feel free to hit me up if you’re interested in working on a project.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


writejessewrite at gmail dot com

Children’s Book

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hey Everyone

Sorry for the lack of posts. Hannah and I have been busy working on the dragon pitch. Only a few more pages to go. Once we get some more things finished, I’ll post some more art here, but trust me when I say, Hannah is killing these pages. I’ve gotten great feedback from quite a few pro artists I really respect which is great. Just hope my writing doesn’t ruin the whole thing.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a kids book. Not just any kids book, but a very special kids book. My daughter is turning 1 in January and I wanted to give her a special present, something she could keep forever, so I decided to write a little book for her and have it printed. After a long time looking for an artist I was putting away some comics in my longbox and came across an old comic I picked up at a con a couple of years ago called “Apooka, The World’s Most Adorable Zombie“. It’s a fun little read and I loved the art by Mike Roll, so I got in touch and he came aboard to do the art.

I am really excited for this. Originally I was going to do a generic story that could be read by anyone, but as I sat down to write it it started becoming clear that the story need to be very personal about Gia. The script ended up being sort of a poem that details her first year of life. Right after Gia was born, one day in the hospital I was holding her while she was sleeping and for whatever reason it just slipped out, but I called her my Gia Bear. My wife thought it was cute and it stuck. From that point on we called her Gia Bear, which eventually became just Bear. At one point we called her Bear more than Gia and we decided that wasn’t the best idea. We didn’t want her thinking her name was actually Bear. For Halloween this year my mom made a Bear costume for her, so I thought the character in the book should be her in her Bear outfit.

Attached are some of the character designs Mike sent over, which look really great along with some of the reference photos I sent of Gia for comparison. I am really excited to see what Mike comes up with for these pages and can’t wait to have this completed. I think this is going to be something she’ll enjoy for many years. I’ll post the finished version of the book up here once it’s finished so everyone can see. I’ve also asked some of my other artist friends if they would be willing to contribute a sketch or drawing to the book, giving their take on Gia and her birthday. If you’re an artist and interested in contributing a drawing, the book will be 9X7, FC. Send me an email and let me know. writejessewrite at gmail dot com


Page 1 Finished

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

See below for the amazing Page 1, along with the original rough layout. Hannah really knocked this out of the park and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pages. She is doing some amazing work and I’m really excited to see this pitch come together

Back to writing!


Script is Locked!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Hey Everyone

I am excited to say that the script has been locked and we are moving forward on the pitch. Everyone is really happy with the 10 pages we’ll be putting together for the pitch and I for one am really excited to see this come to life. Hannah spent last week working on the layouts for the pages and they look great. Check out the rough for Page 1 below. This is one page in particular I am really excited about seeing fully drawn. I think the first wide shot will look pretty sweet and I’m loving what she did with the temple.

I’ll post the final page once it’s finished so you can see the comparison. But for now enjoy!


Art Update!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Hey Everyone

I want to try and keep this page updated as much as possible, so I thought I would share a test page from the pitch I am currently working on. If you’ve looked at Hannah’s blog, she has a really amazing style and we’ve been experimenting with a couple of different styles for the look of the book. She has what she calls a “line” style and a “no line” style. She did the first test page in the “line style” and it looked great, but the page was a little dark and it felt like something was missing. So she did the page again in the “no line” style and all I can say is WOW! The new page is amazing and I am really excited to start working on the actual pitch pages. So check it out for yourselves below. The original page is on the left and the new page is on the right.

Hope you enjoy!